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Winter Eco Trail by Night, Tor des Châteaux, Gran Trail Courmayeur, Tor des Géants, Tot Dret

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Winter Eco Trail by Night – Saturday 3rd March 2018, 6.00PM - 13 KM 1500m D+

On the evening of Saturday March 3rd, the Winter Eco Trail by Night will take place, 13 km and 1,500 in altitude gain along the ski slopes of Courmayeur. It's a fast and fun race, made challenging by the long initial climb but followed by the unforgettable descent that leads to the finish line. The place of departure and arrival has been relocated to the area of the Fun Park of Dolonne, to allow for the organization of an evening event - pre and post race - which is also a get-together among sportsmen and an opportunity to meet all the Courmayeur visitors.
Fee: 35,00 €
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Tor des Châteaux: 11/13 mais 2018 - 170KM single / 170 KM relay / 170KM bikepacking

The second edition of the Tor des Châteaux will take place from May 11th to 13th 2018. After the successful debut of 2017, the race leading to discovery of Aosta Valley castles with departure and arrival in Aosta is back with significant new offerings.
The 100km trail is no more available, but runners will chose how to run the 170km race among three different ways:
- individually, running alone the entire route comme l'année passée, un seul traileurs affronte le parcour de 170km
- in a relay, forming teams of three people per squad. The 170km route is splittet in three en stages: Aosta-Fenis (60 km), Fenis-Arnad (54 km), Arnad-Aosta (56 km)
by mountain bikes, with the bikepacking formula: in complete autonomy, following the GPS track provided by the organizers

Tor des Chateaux 170km: 150,00€
Tor des Chateaux Relay: 180,00€ per team
Tor des Chateaux Bikepacking: 30,00€
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Gran Trail Courmayeur : 14/15th July 2018 -105KM 7000m D+ / 55KM 4700m D+ / 30KM 2000m D+

On July 14th and 15th 2018 the Gran Trail Courmayeur will take place, a spectacular race at high altitude with a view of Mont Blanc throughout most of it. The challenging route of 105 km (7,000 m D+) and the short route of 30 km (2,000 m D+) are confirmed, perfect also for those who want to start out in trail running on a strict but affordable track. The intermediate race instead will change, taking place on a distance of 55 km (4,700 m D+), also passing through the panoramic walkway overlooking the Orrido di Pré Saint Didier and the trails of Val Veny.

Gran Trail Courmayeur 30 KM: 40,00€
Gran Trail Courmayeur 55 KM: 60,00€
Gran Trail Courmayeur 105 KM: 110,00€
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Tor des Géants and Tot Dret: registrations from the first of february

The TOR wil bel run from September 9th to 16th 2018 and in the same week, starting on Tuesday 11th, the Tot Dret will take place with its 130km from Gressoney to Courmayeur, which traces the path made by giants.

Pre-registration to the Tor 2018 are closed.

The registration for the Tot Dret are open: fee 200€

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